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Four reasons to get a home inspection before buying in Arizona

Although it is not required for all real estate transactions, it may benefit home buyers to have a home inspection before finalizing the deal.

There are numerous steps involved with the sale and purchase of real estate in the state of Arizona, one of which is the home inspection. Excitement over the prospect of purchasing their dream homes, trust they could easily repair anything that might be wrong or the desire to cut an optional expense, among other factors, may lead some people to forego an inspection when buying a home. Although it may not be required to seal the deal, there are several reasons why it behooves buyers to get a home inspection before it is finalized.

Spot potential safety issues

Even homes that are seemingly well-cared for may have plumbing problems, a blocked chimney, improperly installed household appliances or other issues that could potentially be hazardous. Some sellers may be unaware of these issues, while others may attempt to conceal them to avoid paying for their repair. Checking the home from top to bottom, home inspections typically turn up these types of problems, allowing buyers to decide if they want to continue with the purchase knowing about them.

Identify illegal alterations

It is common for people to make changes to their homes over the years, such as adding an Arizona room or expanding a bathroom. When such alterations are made without the proper permits, it can create significant headaches for purchasers. They may have issues with obtaining insurance coverage or face a significant increase in their property taxes once the permits have been sorted out. Revealing unpermitted alterations or home systems that have not been installed to code may help new homeowners from unexpectedly taking on a serious burden with the purchase of their property.

Reveal structural problems

At first glance, some properties may seem to be in good condition. A more thorough look, however, may unveil issues with homes’ foundations, structures, plumbing, wiring or roofing. In some cases, these issues may be so significant that they warrant an adjustment to the purchase price or derail the deal altogether. Spotting such issues ahead of time may help ensure people are aware of what they are getting into before they finalize their contracts, thus avoiding potential real estate disputes.

Negotiation leverage

A thorough accounting of a home’s structure and systems from the roof to the foundation, it can be helpful to have a full home inspection report during price negotiations. Knowing what types of issues exist allows prospective buyers to ask for them to be repaired prior to the completion of the sale or for the purchase price to be adjusted in anticipation of them handling the repairs themselves. Without an inspection, sellers may argue over the severity or cost of addressing such problems.

Seeking legal guidance

Purchasing a home is a big step for Arizonans, which carries many legalities. A significant investment, buyers must use caution as they proceed with contracts to ensure they are protected. Therefore, it may benefit those who are looking to buy real estate to consult with an attorney. A legal representative may guide them through the process, as well as look out for their best interests.