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2 things to check when you spot a property you like

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | Real estate transactions

You might have heard people say they knew their property was the one for them the moment they set eyes on it. What you do not hear is all those too embarrassed to admit they made the wrong decision because they let their heart rule their head.

It can be tempting to move fast when you find a home you like. Yet, doing the necessary research is essential to an informed decision.

Buying a property requires you to take a broad perspective

Dream homes are often just that. They work well as a fantasy but less so in reality. Here are some things to consider:

  1. What am I not seeing? The property looks great when you visit on a late summer evening. Will it be as much fun in the middle of the day in a July heatwave? Are there local bars with loud live music on weekends that will make relaxing in the garden impossible? A survey can tell you about issues with the property and land, but taking time to explore the neighborhood and talk to locals gives valuable insight into the wider picture.
  2. Is it worth the money to me? While real estate may be valued correctly according to the market, that does not mean it will be good value for you. To pay for a property, you exchange time for money by working. Will you have time to enjoy the extra-large garden if you have to work on weekends to meet the mortgage? Will the guest bedroom be worth it if the only guest you have is your mother once a year?

The final area where many home buyers fall down is the legal side. They are so keen to buy that they fail to read the contract fine print or overlook legal problems. An impartial third party can help you make your property purchase decision with the caution needed.