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Why does a property seller need an attorney?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Real estate transactions

Selling property is a high-value transaction that you must handle very carefully. Each stage of the process has paperwork. Having a lawyer on your side when it’s time for closing is imperative because they can help to ensure that your interests are protected.

The last thing that a property seller needs is for a buyer to make a legal claim against them because of an error in the documentation or contracts. While real estate agents are usually familiar with these documents, a closing attorney can go through things with a fine-tooth comb. Even errors that seem minor can be huge ordeals in a property transaction.

How can an attorney help with title issues?

When title issues come up, such as a lien on the title or the need for additional legal documents, having an attorney on your team comes in handy because they can gather those documents. This is especially helpful if the home was part of an estate or trust. It’s also beneficial when the owner dies or you’re selling the house because of a divorce.

It’s always best to protect your interests. Selling real estate is a major transaction, so ensuring it all goes as smoothly as possible is critical. Having representation that can look over all the documentation and assist you with clearing things up if there are issues with the title or any other part of the sale can prove valuable. Ultimately, the goal should be to sell the property with as little stress as possible, so you must ensure you can count on your team.