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How to prepare for a residential real estate transaction

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | Real estate transactions

Investing thousands of dollars in a home is a significant move. Thus, you should be careful with the steps you take when closing a deal. Any mistake, such as not conducting a title search inspection or an appraisal, can cost you a lot of money.

You need to be confident during a transaction. Here is how to prepare for a residential real estate transaction. 

Understand the process

Real estate transactions follow a particular process. Some steps may change depending on the property, but standard ones include pre-contract, due diligence, financing, closing preparation, closing and post-closing periods. 

You don’t need to follow these steps as listed, but conducting all of them can encourage a smooth transaction. A real estate agent can help you understand these steps in-depth, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Following this process can help you avoid hitches.

Find a real estate transaction agent

Transaction agents assist buyers and sellers with the transaction process. Your realtor will represent your financial interests by negotiating and ensuring your wishes are protected. On the other hand, transaction agents are neutral third parties, which means they won’t represent any party’s financial interests.

They will coordinate the transaction by scheduling appointments, gathering documents needed for the transaction and conducting administrative tasks.

Get a lawyer to review the contracts

Real estate contracts are crucial – you should understand every clause before signing. Thus, consider having a lawyer review the contracts the seller offers you. They will thoroughly go through the purchase agreements, title reports, financing documents and deeds of trust, among others, to identify anything that can disadvantage you in the future.

Real estate transactions require preparation to avoid costly mistakes. Consider getting professional guidance to obtain information on any concerns you may have.