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Why should a home buyer have a home inspection done?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Real estate transactions

It may take some time to find your dream home. But, once you do, you might not want to rush into a purchase. You may find that, after buying the “perfect home,” there were major problems. However, you may be able to avoid that with a home inspection. 

A home inspection, typically, is done by a highly qualified individual who will assess the true quality of a home. The examination often involves an evaluation of the mechanics and structure of a home. This way, a home buyer does not latch onto a fixer-upper and regret their decision later. 

If you are considering hiring a home inspector, then you need to be aware of what they do. Here is what you should know:

Examining a home for issues

Many home inspectors evaluate the outside of the home first so that they get a better idea of what issues they may find inside. The following are several examples of problems found on the exterior of a home:

  • Foundation: Cracks in the foundation or missing bricks may be signs of foundation issues.
  • Outer walls: Exposed siding or rotted wood could lead to water damage or bug infestations.
  • Windows: Broken windows may have caused outside exposure to the home.
  • Gutters: Broken, bent or damaged gutters and pipes may be signs of water exposure and lead to flooding.
  • Roof: Missing shingles may cause weather exposure to the inside of the home.

An inspector will then follow up inside the home:

  • Piping: A broken pipe could reveal signs that a home was neglected 
  • Electric: Exposed wires can lead to injuries and fires

After an inspection is done, you may need to know your legal options when negotiating a new home deal. Your home inspection may give you leverage if the home you really want has a few issues that will eventually need repairs.