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What does a home inspector look for?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2023 | Real estate transactions

Before purchasing a home, you may need to consider hiring a home inspector. A home inspector can find issues with a home that you may have overlooked. After a home inspection, you may have a better idea of whether a home is worth the purchase or a life-long fixer-upper. 

The following are a few things and inspector may look for when surveying a home:

Water damage

Major water damage is often very clear to potential buyers. There may be staining in a basement that indicates that it frequently floods. But, a home inspector may find other water-related issues with a home. For example, they may notice where the water damage originates from or whether the foundation of a home is impacted by years of water damage. 


You may be looking for a home that experiences harsh weather conditions. A home inspector may be able to spot issues with a home that indicate it’s been severely harmed by weathering. A home could have issues that have led to long-term damage. There may also be signs that a home has structural issues.

Roofing issues

While many inspectors don’t climb on roofs to inspect for issues, they may survey it from the ground or use a drone to take video and pictures. This could help indicate whether a roof is missing tiles, grew moss or has holes. A hole in a roof could lead to additional weathering and bugs and rodents. 

If you’ve found issues with a home, then you may need to be aware of your legal rights. By learning your legal rights, you may be able to know what steps to take next to best protect your financial interests. Legal guidance can often help you better recognize the best avenue forward.