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3 things to look for as you inspect a home

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2024 | Real estate transactions

As a new home buyer, you likely do not want a fixer-upper or a home that you would eventually have to abandon because of larger issues. One of the ways to avoid this issue is by inspecting a home for issues.

Many people hire home inspectors. A home inspector is trained to notice major issues in a home that would help give the true value of a property, causing the buyer to consider negotiating a new deal or finding a better option. 

You may not consider hiring a home inspector until you are sure you have found the right home because home inspectors can be expensive. For now, you may consider looking at a few key features in a home that might give you a better idea of a home’s value. Here is what you should know:

Water damage in the basement

One of the biggest issues many people face is water damage in basements. Water damage could lead to mold, moisture and structural damage. A basement could suffer from water damage because of flooding or burst pipes. You may notice signs of water damage if you see puddles, mold, cracks, peeling paint or rotted wood or smell mildew. 

Bugs and rodent droppings and holes

Home infestations can lead to large issues in homes. Rats can lead to illness and electrical issues. Insects can lead to structural issues and filth. You may spot the possibility of rodent and bug infestations if you notice rat droppings or holes in walls and floors. 

Holes and missing shingles on the roof

While you may not have a great view of a home, you could still see signs of major issues. For example, you may notice a roof is uneven, which could be a sign that there are missing shingles. Or, you may notice water damage in the attic. Both of these issues could mean there was severe weathering and neglect to a roof, which could also give you an idea about the condition of the rest of the home. 

A home inspector can help give you the true value of a property. But, negotiating the value of a home is a different endeavor. You are encouraged to reach out for legal help to understand what steps to take.